African cats

Of all the cats, the lions took the constant tourist rumble best - they basically didn't care. When you've experienced a lion that couldn't care less that several minibuses park next to them, excited voices emerge from the windows and cameras click and whirr, then you know what equilibrium is.

[Lions ignoring a minibus]

These three lionesses are slowly strolling past a minibus full of excited tourists, and not seeming to notice. They were fantastic at concentrating on the important aspects of life (see the lion on the left eyeing antelopes further out to the right) and shutting out what doesn't really concern them.

[Lionesses basking in the sun]

Considering the fact that the human being is Earth's most dangerous animal, it was almost annoying to experience this total lack of interest in our presence. The lions really made you wait for a good shot. Not like the animals of prey that will look in your direction whenever you show on the horizon.

[Lion cub staring back]

Actually, only the lion cubs seemed to take any interest in the minibuses that were constantly around them. Not out of fear, like eg. the young elephants, but out of sheer curiosity, like most kids. But with the number of minibuses available to look at at any given time, it won't take long before the news wear off.

[Cheetah distraught at minibus presence]

The cheetah is another story. The cheetah is easily disturbed by the traffic from the minibuses. One reason is the even higher number of vehicles parked right next to them practically all the time due to the relative few ones around, another reason that the Cheetah needs to hunt more often than eg. lions, becuase they're not as able to defend their prey before jackals, hyenas, buzzards etc., so they have to be more successful hunters than the lions - and the minibuses are making that more difficult.

[Cheetah hunting]

The slender cheetah is generally more nervous about what happens in its surroundings, and it shows. The cheetah is definitely hurting because of the intense "hunt" of the minibuses.

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