One animal that was present in abundance this trip were the elephants. After a few game drives, whenever we saw another herd of elephants, the general sentiment in the minibus was something like "...another herd of elephants - so what?"

[Elephants in the bush]

When we discussed this with the driver, he replied that at the time just about all the elephants that lived in mid-Africa had moved to the Masai Mara reserve because it was one of the few places with sufficient rainfall to keep the vegetation going, and therefore an ample supply of both drinking water and food.

[Elephant baby]

Remembering how it had been just two days before in the Samburu reserve, with its scorched, dried out earth and yellow vegetation, we understood completely. Still, the fact that the minibus drivers seemed to want a high noon experience with one of the older elephants whenever possible made the encounters just a bit more exciting than were necessary. It seemed obvious that the elephants were getting tired of all those nosy little minibuses driving right up next to their kids all the time, and were not going to take it any more. Good for them! If only the drivers would take a hint...

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