General information about tour and pictures

The safari took place from the arrival at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi, Kenya, at February 10th 1996, till the departure from the same airport on February 20th 1996, after a transfer flight from Mombasa.

The itinerary was as follows:
Day 1: Lunch at Aberdare Country Club, arrival at Mountain Lodge in Mount Kenya National Park, dinner and overnight stay.

Day 2: Transfer to Samburu Game Reserve, stay at the Samburu Lodge. Afternoon game drive. dinner and overnight at Samburu Lodge.

Day 3: Full day at Samburu Lodge, with morning and afternoon game drives.

Day 4: Transfer to Lake Nguru National Park, lunch and afternoon game drive. Overnight at Lake Nguru Lodge.

Day 5: Transfer to Masai Mara Game Reserve, Mara Sarova Camp. Afternoon game drive. Overnight at Mara Sarova Camp.

Day 6: Full day at Masai Mara with morning and afternoon game drives. Overnight at Mara Sarova Camp.

Day 7: Drive to Nairobi, visit at the Karen Blixen Museum. Airport transfer for flight to Mombasa. Transfer from airport to Indian Ocean Beach Club, Diani Beach.

Day 8: Bathing in the Indian Ocean, swimming in the pool, drinking exotic drinks etc. - you get the picture!

Day 9: Bathing etc. till 5 in the afternoon. transfer to Mombasa Airport. Flight to Nairobi, switch to flight Nairobi, London via Rome.

Arrived from 33 degrees centigrade in Kenya to minus 6 degrees in London. Oh, well.

Cameras used: Nikon F-301, Nikon F-70, Sigma 28-200 Nikkor-D compatible lens. Kodak 100 ASA Gold film. (Slides to be put on here eventually, but were taken on Kodak Ektachrome 64).

The pictures were scanned with a Hewlett-Packard HP 4c scanner, usually with the choices of "Millions of colors", 75 DPI, 150% of original size, some size cutting during the scanning process.

Tour arranger: Albatros Travel and Safaris, Kulturvet 11, DK-1175 Copenhagen K, Denmark.

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