Sign of the times

When traveling around Kenya, beware of falling objects! This became very clear to us, when we visited a tourist stop on the way to the Northern part of Kenya and the game reserves there.

In Karatina, a small town due East of Aberdare National Park, we pulled in for a fifteen minute rest and a cool bottle of Coke at a tourist lodge.

[A tourist lodge sign with a dire warning on it]

Apart from being approached by the usual con artists (see the Kenya scam article), nothing seemed that unusual, but while studying the sign above the entrance, we discovered that lawyers also have a presence in Kenya. Try looking closer at the bottom middle of the sign, and the text there. Or even better, check out the enlargement below.

[You are stading under this sign board at your own risk...]

Of course it's always nice to be warned of an impending danger, especially if you're considered liable for your own accidents, even though they are incurred through eg. the partial disintegration of the bolts that hold up the sign.

A sign of a sense of humor? I'm not quite sure...

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